New McKelvie Scented Candle Tins, checkout these fabulous Scottish Fragrances

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McKelvie Scented Candle Tins

Gorgeous scented candles with Scottish Themes now in stock.

Traditional Scottish fragrances

Each Burns Up to 50 hours and is decorated with coloured stones or granules to reflect the fragrance.

The Steamie - Scottish Slang for the wash house, all the scandal was the "Talk of the Steamie"

Warm Linen

Coorie Doon

Soap Flakes

Spring Fresh


The Poets - Classic Scottish Poetry

Cotter's Ingle

Little White Rose

Fingal's Cave

Eriskay Love


The Wee Sweetie Shop - Classic Traditional Sweets from the wee sweetie shop

Coo Toffee

Cherry Lips

Sherbet Lemons

Lucky Tatties


Flowers of Scotland - Reminisce on time spent in the Scottish countryside

Highland Heather

Lothian Lavender

Lowland Meadow

Alexander's Gardenia


Granny's Kitchen - All your favorites from Granny's kitchen using long standing recipes

Vanilla Tablet

Bramble Jelly

Glen Clova Raspberry

Clootie Dumpling



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