LSA Pair oif Sorbet Champagne Flutes Liquorice

  • £20.99

Pair of Sorbet Champagne Flute Glasses Liquorice Colour 225ml

LSA International

  • An elegant champagne flute, hand painted with an iridescent lustre and encircled with gold at the rim
  • Boxed in pairs.
  • Each mouth blown glass is hand painted with a cool liquorice lustre inspired by the subtle colours of sorbet
  • Designed to sit alongside complementary drink ware and decorative items in the popular Sorbet collection, to add a touch of iridescent colour to your table setting
  • Each glass measures 24cm high x 7cm diameter
  • Each glass has a 225ml capacity
  • Perfect as a gift or collect for your LSA collection
  • Boxed together

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