Royal Selangor Wine Glass Hexagon Pewter Base Set of 2

  • £89.00

Wine Glass Hexagon Pewter Base Set of 2

Royal Selangor

  • Impress your guests with the Royal Selangor Hexagon Beverage Glass set of 2
  • Firmly constructed, beautiful in shape and effective for its purpose
  • These Glass Pairs are perfect for everyday use and for entertaining guests.
  • Whether your tipple of choice is wine, water or beer of the lager, wheat or barrel-aged persuasion, this voluptuous beauty handles it all with aplomb
  • Features a conical pewter stem that carries a glass bowl with enviable versatility
  • Based on atomic structures, the Hexagon motif reflects the decade’s exhilarating advances in science and technology, and the omnipresence of its imagery in the public eye
  • Every piece is meticulously hand-finished by experienced craftspeople
  • Each glass is 20.5cm tall x 8.5cm diameter

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