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All Creatures Wildlife Jasper The Fox Keyring

  • £7.99

Jasper the Fox Key Ring or Bag Charm From All Creatures Wildlife Collection
Carte Blanche
  • Jasper the Fox key ring and bag charm is part of the All Creatures Wildlife Collection
  • All Creatures pays special care and attention to bringing each animal to life by making them unique and special
  • All Creatures animals are the perfect blend of cute characteristics and natural features, each made from beautifully soft materials
  • Our friend Jasper can be used as a handy key ring or added to your bag as a charm
  • Jasper the fox has been filled with tiny beans so that he feels just the right weight
  • All Creatures animals all come with their own fun and interesting 'Did you know?' fact, so you can get to know even more about your cuddly friend
  • Is also available as a medium and large sized soft toy
  • Jasper the fox is approx 15cm tall

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