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Himalayan Chef Salt Cooking Plate Set

  • £17.99

Himalayan Salt and Pepper Grinder Set with Salt Cooking Plate

Himalayan Chef

  • Fabulous Himalayan salt and pepper gift set
  • Himalayan pink rock salt in a clear grinder for daily use
  • Himalayan black pepper in a clear grinder
  • Both grinder tops are black manual turn
  • Square Himalayan salt cooking plate
  • The Himalayan salt plate is a healthy and flavourful way to cook and an elegant way
  • Salt plate does not require any cleanser as it is a naturally microbial
  • Pink rock salt contains 84 minerals and is 100% pure
  • Himalayan pink salt is the purest in the world, it comes from a 250 million years old sea and the world's oldest salt mine
  • Why is it pink salt? - its rich in iron oxide content gives the salt the pink hue
  • Vegan certified, Non GMO verified, Kosher certified and Halal approved
  • Adjustable ceramic grinder fine or coarse
  • Refillable grinders
  • Boxed together as a set measure 40cm wide x 8cm high x 5cm deep

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