Kringle Daylights

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Kringle Candle DayLight Candles

Kringle Candle

  • Kringle Candle is a fragrance company, working hand in hand with the worlds top perfumers to create beautiful, realistic and powerful fragrances
  • A passion for fragrance detail, relentless testing for quality and insistence on robust hot throw make Kringle Candles the number one choice for consumers seeking the total fragrance experience
  • Over 40 wonderful fragrances available
  • Day Light Fragrance Time 12hrs approx.
  • One of the smallest Kringle Candles, one of the most surprising and appealing is the little DayLight
  • These compact candles can fit in the palm of one's hand yet when lit, they provide an impressive hot throw for up to 12 hours all day long
  • That is where the name Daylights came from
  • Daylights are ideal for a variety of modest spaces, from bedrooms to sewing rooms to bathrooms Daylights can be used without an accessory holder if desired the small feet on the base of the cup raise Daylights above the surface to minimize heat build up under the candle
  • While they can be burned safely in many situations, we still recommend that they always be used on a fire-resistant surface or in a proper candle-holder accessory
  • Daylights are perfect for travel more and more people like to bring fragrance with them on vacations and business trips, and Kringle Daylights go along conveniently
  • With their snap-on lid, they're ready to hit the road and bring a touch of home along
  • DayLights are perfect for you to sample a fragrance before buying in a larger size
  • Each fragrance is sold individually, can be used with other variations to create you own unique mix of fragrances in a room

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