McKelvie Candles Soap Flakes Pack of 6 Wax Melts

  • £7.99

Soap Flakes Wax Melts

Grandad McKelvie Marvellous Melts

The warm soapy and fresh clean linen smells of Soap Flakes will make your friends think you've been busy all day doing the housework.

The Steamie range from McKelvie Candles

So pop one of these in your meltwarmer, put your feet up and leave the laundry for another one will know!

      • Each Melt cube will give up to 40 hours fragrance when used in an electric meltwarmer
      • Think of a wax melt as a little candle but without the wick
      • Pack size 22g x 6
      • Ideal for homes where having a flame would be a concern
      • Tartan label featuring Grandad McKelvie

McKelvie recommend using an electric meltwarmer, although tea light warmers can be used, the wax gets too hot it will evaporate the fragrance too quickly. Using this style of melter will mean a reduction in hours of fragrance to around ten to fifteen hours.

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