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Village Candle Seashore Driftwood 16oz Metallics

  • £15.39

New Village Candle Metallics

Village Candle brings a fresh new approach to combining beauty of opulent colour, decor and an exciting fragrance line up - wrapped in shimmering metallic. The colours are inspired by mood, season and fragrance - with a new artisan label, offering a cleaner and more modern look.

"Be bold and be beautiful" was the inspiration, as this new collection blends Village Candle's commitment to mixing and mastering exciting new fragrance forms for the home and customer. The crafting and blending process is thoughtful and comprehensive as they debut a more sophisticated scent range with welcomed complexity.

Two Wicks meaning a faster melt and bigger wax pool

Convenient and easy to use, a medium jar candle provides up to 105 hours of true fragrance enjoyment.

Dimensions:13cm x 9.5

Seashore Driftwood - sea spray, driftwood, sage - Breathe deep and feel your mind unwind with the rhythm of the waves. Calming, mesmerizing and imbued with a zen flow of ocean notes, this fragrance reflects the profound beauty and balance found by the shore. Sea Spray notes rise to the surface for fresh, clean inspiration, while notes of driftwood and sage add a deeper earthiness. A perfect immersion of scents and sensations.

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