Wax Lyrical Homescenter No. 2 Raspberry & Apple Scented Candle

  • £9.99

HomeScenter No.2 Kitchen Raspberry and Apple Scented Candle
Wax Lyrical
  • New HomeScenter range envelops a collection of specially blended fragrances, designed to suit individual rooms throughout the home
  • Boasting a combination of soft and sweet berry fruits our Raspberry and Apple Wax Filled Glass Candle will fill your kitchen with a constant sweet aroma
  • Raspberry, blackberry and apple are combined with gooseberry and currants on a base of sweet, creamy vanilla for a smell blended to perfection
  • Light this candle to rid your kitchen of any unwanted smells left over from cooking.
  • Each product contains a smell controlling ingredient called 'odouraze' meaning this collection doesn't just look and smell beautiful, but serves a functional purpose as well, counteracting any unwanted odours
  • White candle jar with a yellow label and a wooden lid
  • Fragrance is also available in a diffuser
  • Measures 10cm high x 8.5cm diameter
  • Burn time of up to 38 hours 

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