Wrendale Hedgehog Illustration Ceramic Trinket Jar Candle Woodland

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Wax Lyrical British Wrendale Illustration Ceramic Trinket Jar Candle Woodland

This Wrendale Designs home fragrance collection pairs some of Hannah Dale's most classically British illustrations with quality ceramic designs and bespoke fragrances.

Hannah Dale's exquisite animal designs first came to life as paintings created from her kitchen table and have since grown into a much-loved design, known today as Wrendale.

Her distinctively soft, fluffy and endearing designs are now making their way onto beautiful home fragrances which boast quality ceramic designs and bespoke scents.

New for 2020, this collection will celebrate her most classically British designs across Woodland, Hedgerow and Meadow fragrance ranges.

Woodland - Reminiscent of bluebell-carpeted woodlands this fragrance is suitably bursting with deep earthy scents. Herbal and floral notes are bound by clove, sorrel and cypress which glisten against a cedarwood and oak backdrop.

  • A quality trinket ceramic candle jar is adorned with a charming Wrendale illustration
  • Designed to be reused once the fragrances has been enjoyed
  • This candle will burn for up to 32 hours
  • Matching lid to make a great keepsake
  • Measures (including lid) 10.5cm high x 10.5cm wide approx
  • See the whole range including reed diffusers, ceramic keepsake candles and gift sets

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